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Jeff King resting in Nikolai, talks the rough trail from Rohn

This morning Jeff King added his name to the list of mushers arriving into Nikolai reporting a “hellacious” trail. Arriving with a banged up sled, King told a harrowing story of his dogs tangling with snowmachiners surveying a treacherous part of the trail. Forced off the trail, King watched his sled careen down a five foot cliff.

With all of that behind him, King reports he’s running on schedule with good looking dogs. He told Laureli Kinneen this morning that his team is the best he’s seen at this point in the race. Happy to be through that portion of trail, looking ahead, King says he knows there’s no way they’re going to experience anything like that again in the miles ahead to Nome.

As time stretches on this afternoon, we’ll see if Jeff King decides to stay in Nikolai for his 24-hour layover.