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Sounding Board: Native Language Reclamation and Revitalization

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This week on Sounding Board (Thursday, February 27th  at 10AM) we are talking about Native Language Reclamation and Revitalization.

Language is the glue that holds culture together. Those who study cultural evolution say that language holds the key to cultural norms that are almost intuitive. But what happens when the language of your culture disappears, or threatens to? Such is the issue with many of Alaskan Native languages.

  • How do you reclaim and bring back something that is lost or on the verge of being lost?
  • What are schools doing to help teach native languages to a new generation?
  • Why is it important for this knowledge to be passed down?
  • What is happening at the state and local level?
  • How does language shape your community and culture?
  • What can we hope for the future?


2 Responses to “Sounding Board: Native Language Reclamation and Revitalization”

    • Laura Collins

      Sounding Board is a call-in show where we present a topic for discussion and open the airwaves for callers to comment and share how they would like. We’re not proposing any sort of plan or claiming to be experts on the reclaiming native language, just presenting the topic and opening the floor for discussion. I hope this helps!

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