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Sounding Board: Housing Crisis in Rural Alaska

An Alaskan Cabin

This week on Sounding Board (Thursday, January 23rd at 10am) we’re talking about Alaska’s rural housing crisis.

Houses are overcrowded and aging. Rent prices are increasing. Building materials are expensive to transport. And some communities lack the land to expand. As homes become more difficult to construct in rural Alaska, people find themselves in unsafe structures or without a home to move into.

The issues surrounding rural housing are emerging and little is known about the scale of the problem. So we need your help. Join the conversation and share your story.

  • Is there a housing shortage in your community?
  • Does the high cost of shipping keep people from being able to build homes?
  • Are bank and loan policies out of touch with the needs of rural Alaskans?
  • Are aging homes a problem for you or your community?
  • What are solutions to housing issues in rural Alaska?


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  1. reva on January 23, 2014 at 10:50 am

    (I’d like to remain anonymous) I live in nome. I’d like to give my gratitude to nest. To give my gratitude in return I am willing to turn my life around for myself my family the community. I must help myself and become part of the solution not the problem. I don’t know where I’d be without them. Thank you