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Touchstone: Seabird Deaths and Avian Cholera

Common murres

This Friday on Touchstone (December 13, 2013 at 10am), we’re talking about our region’s recent seabird deaths and the disease – avian cholera – to which these deaths have now been linked.

Avian cholera is a fairly common infection for waterfowl; it’s responsible for tens of thousands of bird deaths annually. What is uncommon, however, is that this infection has never been known to cause large numbers of avian deaths in Alaska – like the seabirds that started washing up on the shores of St. Lawrence Island last month.

In the studio this Friday will be marine biologist Gay Sheffield, Kawerak subsistence program director Brandon Ahmasuk, and possibly others. We’ll be talking about:

  • Why is avian cholera suddenly in our area?
  • Can the infection spread to people?
  • What is currently being done to investigate the disease?

This Touchstone will be your chance to talk directly with the people involved in finding answers to the seabird deaths at St. Lawrence Island. Have a question? Get the conversation started by filling out the form below.


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