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Do You Hear What I Hair?


I have this idea that your hair says a lot about you.

Some people in this life read tea leaves or the stars. I read hairstyles. Granted, this gift isn’t particularly useful for deciphering your future. But your hairstyle says a lot about where you are right now. Perhaps you’re reading this and saying, “Josh! You charlatan! I have no hair you see and thus cannot be manipulated by your abilities!” Touche my friend. Touche. But even the subtle ways in which you wear no hair can say so much! How ever you wear it, I am sure you look swell. Bald heads are like blue jeans – super durable and always in fashion.

“Just get to the point Josh.”

Eva is a brave soul.

The Force is strong with this one.

Fine, fine. I just want you to know that I’ve been keeping a keen eye on haircuts within my KNOM volunteer year. I started my time here as a merely a casual observer noting the hairstyles of my fellow volunteers. As the year progressed, I gained their trust and moved in closer.

“Haircuts are so expensive in Nome!” – words that I would hear so often. Seeing weakness in my friends’ armor, now was the time to attack and truly get closer to their craniums. I, you see, offer hair cutting services at no cost. This was their chance to liberate themselves from a scalp-residing weariness and my shot to know them on a deeper level through the medium of my hair-reading abilities.

Would they go for a drastic change? Perhaps they are looking to make a big change in their day to day. Going super short? Maybe we’re feeling more confident. A flapper-girl era doo? “The Great Gatsby” must have finally made it to the big screen in Nome.

I must admit that not all of the roomies have taken me up on haircuts. Lucus, like myself, is a self-made man just like me when it comes to his hair. We are lone wolves who would rather take our clippers on a solo journey than have someone else mold our hair-laden images. And Margaret? We like to call her Maiden Curly Crown. I don’t do curly hair. Margaret coming to me for a haircut is like sending your BMW to get fixed up at a Honda shop. We can take care of some issues but eventually we will have to order out for specialty parts.

So what do the haircuts I’ve given have to say? Well I don’t want to give all of my precious insight away but I can give you an overarching theme that I’ve seen. Confidence. All of the haircuts I’ve seen this year say out loud, “My confidence in myself and the work I do is ever-evolving and I am proud of the work I’ve done.”

Can you hear it? Can you hear our hair saying that? Listen and look closely.