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A Perfect Alaskan Summer Day

Daynee is a true Alaskan

Daynee is a true Alaskan

Well, spring, er…summer has arrived. I have to admit it is surreal. I spoke with a friend back in Philadelphia who says it’s already 90 degrees. In Nome, it’s reached a glorious 51 degrees. It’s all about perspective I suppose. Returning back to the East Coast may seem easy now. I think about running around at 39 degrees with a light jacket when others are bundling up against a threat of snow.

One of the beautiful things about Nome is that the beach is blocks away while the mountains are just a short drive. With the weather as beautiful as it is, and the blue skies finally arriving, it is the perfect time to get outdoors.

Daynee has been house sitting, and I had a chance to head out to see where she is staying. She is watching two dogs and Coco kept us busy as we took a stroll on such a beautiful day.


It's warm enough for short-sleeves

It’s warm enough for short-sleeves!

With the warmer temperatures, the roads are open out-of-town, and Josh and I like to go for short drives to get some fresh air and get out of the house and station circuit. On one trip not too long ago, we spotted a tree on the tundra. It was all alone. Well, now that most of the snow has melted, we stopped and ventured across the softening ground to get a better look at it uncovered from inches of snow.

When I do go back to the East coast, I know that I will need to prepare for lots of traffic, Starbucks on every corner, and the fresh scent of air pollution. But for now, at least I have a memory of a perfect Alaskan summer day.

Josh the fearless driver

A lonely tree

A view from the branches