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Being Social

There’s a funny thing that happens in small towns – you get to the point that you can’t walk around town without running into someone you know. And, since it’s a small town, you walk around a lot. Even when Mayvember weather hits. (And, recent news sources close to home have suggested that Mayvember may be a new normal for the next decade or so!)

It’s really nice to catch up with friends while on walkabout – even if conversations are limited, they produce a sense of shared experience and accomplishment. It’s also a pleasant surprise when hearing your name called out – not only are you recognized, you’re sought after!

That leads me to another kind of being social – using facebook and twitter. I think in our usage, we’re trying for that same experience (even with this blog!). A sense of, “Hey – I know those people!” It’s hard to remember to take pictures or videos of events that pop up – but we’re getting better at it. For instance, here’s a video of Josh, Eva, and Margaret walking around in Mayvember:

There’ll be new videos every once in a while – we’re mostly radio people, but the videos are a lot like running into someone on the street – a brief connection, letting each other know how things are going. It’s always great to hear from our friends (ie, you!) – so if you have comments on things we’re up to, let us know through any of the social media – or send an e-mail or snailmail (PO Box 988, Nome AK 99762) – or leave a comment on the blog!