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In case you missed it: live finishes of Iditarod 2013’s top ten

What a 24 hours it’s been for Iditarod 2013 – and for the town of Nome, whose Burled Arch (the Iditarod finish line) has seen an incredible amount of activity from Tuesday night to now.

At time of writing, 25 mushers have already finished the Last Great Race; it’s nearly half the total number of competitors, overall, and it’s all happened in just a day.

Many of Iditarod’s most closely-watched finishers pulled into town in the wee hours of the morning. (Normally, one might describe that time as the “dead of night,” but as you’ll hear in our live, broadcast recordings, the energy level at the Nome finish line was anything but dead.)

Below are the live finishes of Iditarod 2013’s 4th-through-10th-place mushers; all times listed are for Wednesday, March 13, 2013. (We’ve already posted the recordings of the top three finishers: Mitch Seavey, Aliy Zirkle, and Jeff King.)

4th place: Dallas Seavey, arrived at 1:20am with 7 dogs


5th place: Ray Redington, Jr., arrived at 2:04am with 9 dogs


6th place: Nicolas Petit, arrived at 2:39am with 10 dogs


7th place and Rookie of the Year: Joar Leifseth Ulsom, arrived at 3:34am with 10 dogs
8th place: Jake Berkowitz, arrived at 3:34am (16 seconds after Joar Ulsom) with 15 dogs


9th place: Sonny Lindner, arrived at 4:11am with 9 dogs


10th place: DeeDee Jonrowe, arrived at 4:24am with 10 dogs