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In Unalakleet: Kaiser & Buser regrouping

Iditarod can bring many unexpected challenges: weather, trail conditions, health issues with dogs, just to name a few. All these things affect mushers along the trail in different ways. After pushing themselves with big ambitions early in the race, Pete Kaiser and Martin Buser are looking to regroup in Unalakleet. Reformulating their plans, they’re focusing on finishing in Nome in good form.

In Unalakleet, speaking with Laureli Kinneen, Kaiser says, “I’ve had a pretty tough race so far with a lot of issues. Just kind of had to regroup on the river and make a new plan, and just try to get to Nome. That’s what I’m trying to do right now… one run at a time.” With 300 miles to go, Kaiser is pulling back on the throttle a bit, trying to maintain the strength of his team.


After a legendary start to Iditarod 2013, Martin Buser ran into some health issues with his dogs along the recent stretches of trail. Arriving in Unalakleet just after 5pm yesterday, he says that they had a tough run, physically and mentally. Buser says they will probably stay the night to take a good, long break. He tells KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen, “Maybe took a little too much out of the tank, so now we need to fuel them back up.”

Martin Buser is refocused on continuing his streak of the most consecutive finishes under the burled arch. He wants to tend to the needs of his team, and make it to Nome respectably. In good spirits, Buser chats with Laureli about his history with this race and the joy of connecting with people and communities along the trail.


Martin Buser hit the trail again from Unalakleet just after midnight, arriving into Shaktoolik at 6:54am Monday. Pete Kaiser left Unalakleet at 1:40am early Monday morning, heading to Shaktoolik.