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Berkowitz and 15 dogs in Koyuk

Big Lake’s Jake Berkowitz is one of a handful of mushers driving 15 or more dogs at this point in the race. 15 dogs means taking the time to change a lot of dog booties. But Jake says it’s worth it. His goal is to make it to Nome with as many happy and healthy dogs as he can. That’s what will make this Iditarod memorable and worthwhile. In Koyuk, Jake talks about the race so far, and his thoughts for moving forward to Nome. Coming into Unalakleet from Kaltag, Berkowitz tells Laureli Kinneen, he realized the 2013 Iditarod championship was no longer within his grasp: “That was just not a good run, and to win this race you pretty much need perfect runs.”

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Jake Berkowitz pulled into Koyuk late this morning at 11:32am. According to Iditarod.com’s GPS, at the time of posting, Jake is back on the trail, 3 miles outside of Koyuk on the way to Elim.