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In Kaltag, Royer eager to leave the Yukon

Jessie Royer, coming in to Kaltag, was grateful to be done with the Yukon.

“(I’m) glad to be off the river,” Royer told KNOM trail reporter Laureli Kinneen, especially given the trail behind her, which she describes as “a big bowl of sugar.”

The Montana musher was a bit measured in her assessment of her team’s performance on the Yukon River; the dogs didn’t run quite as fast as she’s hoped – a result, at least in part, of the less-than-desirable, warm temperatures on the trail.

Still, Royer had placed herself in the top 10, and with Laureli, she talked about her rationale behind her layover schedule – in particular, her decision to wait until Kaltag to take her mandatory, 8-hour rest on the Yukon:


As of Sunday, mid-day, Jessie Royer is in 10th position. She departed Kaltag at 12:30am, early Sunday morning (Alaska Standard Time) with 9 dogs, dropping three (down from 12).