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LIVE BLOG: Nome-Golovin 2013

3:00pm: Our on-the-air coverage has wrapped! Race officials will be crunching the numbers (weighing starting differentials, etc.), and we’ll bring you final results when we have them. Racers continuing to cross the finish line.

2:57pm: We’ve posted more photos from today’s race.

2:54pm: Eva and Paul wrapping up race coverage from the start/finish line. Still waiting for Fan-Cooled Class (Gabe Schaeffer, Deshawn Williams, etc.) racers to finish.

2:47pm: Margaret reports that Nome’s Robert Richards, Jr. is through Safety, inbound back to Nome.

2:33pm: Nome’s Tre West: “it was fun.”

2:32pm: Tre West has finished.

2:31pm: Spotter sees Tre West and other Class B racers passing through Farley’s Camp / Fort Davis area, should be at finish momentarily.

2:30pm: All Fan-Cooled Class (Class C) racers are through Topkok and heading back to Nome.

2:28pm: Paul talking with Nome’s Mike Morgan. “The weather cooperated,” Mike says. The “flat light,” he says, is only around Nome; it was sunny past Cape Nome.

2:16pm: Eva and Paul are interviewing Bob Saccheus, who just crossed the finish line.

2:15pm: We’ve just posted our first batch of photos from today’s race.

2:09pm: Shanta Esparza has just crossed the finish line; Paul and Eva reporting from the finish.

2:08pm: Bib #3, Shanta Esparza, sighted at Farley’s Camp. Minutes from his finish on the sea ice. More racers soon to come.

2:05pm: More racers, including bib #12, Art Amaktoolik, are through Safety on the way back to Nome.

1:57pm: All Class C (Fan-Cooled Class) racers are out of White Mountain, on way back to Nome.

1:54pm: Despite an accident earlier today, bib #55, Aaron Loyer, is back in the race.

1:53pm: Bib #2, Buddy Okleasik, is through Safety on the way back to Nome.

1:46pm: Nome’s Evan Booth has scratched in White Mountain. All of the Fan-Cooled Class (Class C) racers are through Golovin and heading back to Nome.

1:39pm: Cameron Iyatunguk has just scratched. Bibs #81, #82, and #83 – Gabe Schaeffer, Deshawn Williams, and Wally Carter, Sr. – are through Golovin, on the way back to Nome.

1:35pm: Racers including Roger Nassuk, Jr., Nicholas Reader, and Tre West are reported out of White Mountain (inbound) and heading back to Nome.

1:13pm: Dora Hughes reports mostly good riding for 2013 race. “Flat” trail. Marlene Saccheus has just crossed the finish line.

1:11pm: Teller’s Dora Hughes has just crossed finish line. Not certain/official she has won in her class; starting differential still needs to be factored-in.

1:10pm: Bob Saccheus past half-way point at Golovin, coming back to Nome. Don Johnson and Charles Swanson are both through White Mountain.

1:09pm: Spotter report – bib #106, Dora Hughes, spotted coming back to Nome. Passing through Farley’s Camp / Fort Davis area.

1:04pm: Margaret reports all Women’s Class racers are now through Solomon and coming back to Nome.

1:01pm: Margaret reports more Open Class racers now in White Mountain, including Quinn Schaeffer and Art Amaktoolik. Other scratches to report: Jared Walker in Class B and, in Class A, Louis Warneke-Green and John Walluk.

12:58pm: Class B racers, including bib #3, Shantah Esparza, are through White Mountain.

12:57pm: Bibs #4, Jarvis Miller, and #5, John Bahnke III, have both scratched.

12:55pm: Ric’s spinning Van Halen’s “Panama” while we wait for more live reports. Love that song.

12:52pm: Margaret says most Class A racers are through Topkok, including bib #61, Dickie Moto, Jr.

12:51pm: Paul, from the start/finish line, says he’s “eagerly awaiting” the first racers to come back across the finish line.

12:45pm: Margaret reports a scratch in the Women’s Class: bib #107, Iris Wieler.

12:36pm: Class A racers through Safety include Colton West, Dickie Moto, Jr., William Gray, Nicholas Reader, Tommy Jones, Jr., and Tre West. A “whole bunch” through Safety, Margaret reports.

12:35pm: Class B racers through Topkok include Quinn Schaeffer, Winter Jones, Art Amaktoolik, and others.

12:30pm: Among those reported through Safety: all of these are in Class A: Gerald Hughes, Mike Morgan, Charles Swanson, Aaron Loyer, Jordan Miller.

12:23pm: Margaret reports that scratches include bib #11, Troy Miller.

12:22pm: From race headquarters, Margaret is reporting on the first racers to make it through Safety. Most of the Open Class is through Safety; 11 racers altogether.

12:20pm: Marlene Saccheus (bib #109), Elim rider on a Ski-Doo MXZ 600, has just departed.

12:19pm: Nome’s Iris Wieler (bib #107) has just departed. Polaris sled.

12:18pm: Teller’s Dora Hughes (bib #106) has just left the starting line, riding a Polaris sled. Hughes is the first in Class D (Women’s) to depart.

12:15pm: Class A is now completely on the trail, with the departure of Nome’s Tre West, bib #66.

12:09pm: Paul reports some quick, last-minute work on the sled of Class A’s George Apatiki (bib #52). George now seems ready to go.

12:08pm: Just a reminder that, as the racers are leaving the starting line, you can hear pre-race interviews with some of today’s competitors here.

12:04pm: All racers in the Open Class (Class B) have now departed. Class A (0-600 CC) are now starting to leave. Gerald Hughes (bib #42) has just left.

12:03pm: The sound of the helicopter of the sea ice is audible in the background. Lots of activity on the sea ice!

12:02pm: Our live coverage has begun! Paul Korchin and Eva DeLappe are reporting, live, from the start/finish line on the sea ice near Nome. Racers are leaving in 30-second differentials. Quinn Schaeffer (bib #7) and Joseph Nassuk (#8) have just left.


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