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In Anvik, Petit lauds his “happy leaders”

In the Anvik checkpoint, Girdwood, Alaska’s Nicholas Petit is taking his 8-hour, Yukon-River layover – along with a sled dog team that, seemingly, has made him a very happy musher in Iditarod 2013.

Asked by KNOM trail reporter Laureli Kinneen what he has learned in this year’s Iditarod – only his second time in the race – Petit emphasized “the value of a quality leader (lead dog).”

Although his dogs are “small,” he’s been impressed with their abilities and their brio. “The happy leaders (of my dog team) are invaluable.”


As of midday Friday, Nicholas Petit is in 5th position; he arrived into Anvik, to begin his 8-hour layover, at 7:34am Friday. Iditarod’s official standings do not currently specify the number of dogs in his team, although when he departed Shageluk early Friday morning, he had 14 dogs.