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“Me Want Cookie”

"Me Eat Cookie" (notice one is already gone)

“Eva Eat Cookie”
(notice one is already gone)

I don’t consider myself to be a big dessert eater. The fact that I’m lactose intolerant actually cuts out a lot of dessert options for me, yet, I know there are times when you just have that hankering for something sweet. Sometimes it’s early in the day; sometimes it’s late at night. Recently at the Volunteer House, after some busy days in the news department covering the Norton Sound 450 Sled Dog Race, we were all sitting around our dining room table after dinner. Because we were tired after the day, our conversation turned into a festival of hilarity as we shared jokes and stories. We just couldn’t stop laughing.

Amidst discussions and laughter, Eva and I realized that we both were craving something sweet.

But hark! A friend of ours had shared he was baking chocolate chip cookies that evening. A grand idea began to form….Eva and I decided it would be perfect to pay this friend a little visit and beg for some cookies to bring home – to share of course! I know – we had flour and sugar and all the ingredients to make our own, but it was nearing 10:00pm, and we thought it would be easiest to feed our cravings by asking for generosity from a dear soul.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my life. Eva and I looked comical as we bundled up to walk the two and a half blocks to our friend’s house.

As we got closer to his residence, our excitement began to wane. What if he was already asleep? What would he think of us barging in demanding cookies?

Well, we knocked on the door and he invited us in, even though he was already in bed. We were so hysterical from our tiredness (as well as our fear that we would leave without those precious cookies!) that it took us a few minutes through laughter and tears to ask for the cookies. He couldn’t quite grasp why had come all that way to take them, but he was kind enough to offer a few. We ended up just taking four with us to share. The funniest part of our adventure was when he offered to provide a container for us to take them home. Little did he know that in our greediness, we had already brought one.

Ah, those first few bites when we got home were superb. We certainly savored those cookies. Okay, I’ll admit that Eva and I shared three cookies. Only one was left for someone else.

The Moose Who Ate the Last Cookie

The Moose Who Ate the Last Cookie

Our poor friend will probably never forget the cookie monsters who attacked him one fateful night.

All gone...

All gone…