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The Simple Life

As the holiday season is in full swing, I am reminded of just how nice it is to be living a bit simpler this year. This is normally the time of year when you’re running around trying to buy gifts, cooking up a storm……. busy, busy, busy. Honestly, I believe this is the first year when I can say that I’ve been able to sit back and relax during the holidays. Yes, we as volunteers have been cooking – for Thanksgiving: unicorn cookies and my family’s recipe for homemade sweet potatoes – but our motivation is to create something special. It’s not a chore, as I remember it often being the case growing up in the Lower 48.

There is also a beauty with having a transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a breath of fresh air to see that KNOM values this and has been gradually introducing Christmas music only since December 1st. What a change of pace! Normally I’m sick of Christmas songs by mid-November.

During this Advent season as Christmas approaches and we prepare for baby Jesus, I am grateful for the opportunity to look at the true meaning of this time of year: sharing my true gifts and talents, and savoring time together with our KNOM family around the Christmas tree.