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You’re A Producer. So… What is it That You Do Again?


VOX 1: This is a question I get from friends and family very often.

VOX 2:Well, you can’t blame them. All you said was “Goodbye, I’m moving to Alaska to be a radio DJ! See ya later losers!!”

VOX 1: I never called anyone a loser.

VOX 2: It was implied.

VOX 1: No, it wasn’t. And I did my best to explain. I think.

DJ Daynee.

VOX 2: Obviously it wasn’t or you wouldn’t be arguing with yourself right now. Once and for all: What exactly is it that you do as a volunteer for KNOM Radio?

VOX 1: Okay. So. KNOM is divided into two departments, news and programing. I work in programing. All the volunteers have distinct jobs within their department, but there is a lot of room for cross over, such as when I read the news and weather forecasts on Saturdays (which is News), or when Eva DJs The Brand Spankin’ New show on Sundays (programming).

VOX 2: Huh?

VOX 1: Exactly. Let’s back up now. Programming. I work in programming, which means that my job is more about the music and entertainment part of our mission than journalism and news writing.

For example, first thing every morning, Lucus and I host The Morning Show. We play music, do give-aways, talk about books, open our doors and serve breakfast, and argue about various things.

LUCUS: Would you really say we argue? I think we agree more than disagree on… things. And stuff.

VOX 1: Shh! Don’t tell them that, you’ll confuse them.

VOX 2: Woah! Where’d he come from?

VOX 1: My head. Where else.

LUCUS: That’s right. I am Daynee’s version of what Lucus sounds like. I am completely made up.

VOX 2: Prove it. Say something you wouldn’t say in real life.

LUCUS: I hate to cook. My favorite book is Twilight.

Info I used for some current running educational spots: Inupiaq lessons in various dialects. This one is from Wales, AK.

VOX 1: Besides not arguing with lucus, the other thing I do at KNOM is produce educational spots. See, KNOM is a non-profit radio station-

LUCUS: -and we don’t air commercials. Instead we air short “spots” in between programming-

VOX 1: -that Lucus and I come up with. I write the educational ones-

LUCUS: And I write the inspirational ones. We research and write scripts (formatted like this blog)-

VOX 1: Did you know whale poop is used for perfume??

LUCUS: and find people to read them for us. We record ’em, produce ’em, and put them on the air.

VOX1: Spots, Public Service Announcements, brief glimpses of genius… call them what you will.

LUCUS: Daynee does other things at KNOM, too. She has other DJ shifts: Daynee’s Mixed Bag and the Saturday Request Show. (by the way, did you know you can email your music requests?) Then there’s a lot of other stuff we all do as volunteers, like hosting KNOM’s call-in show (Sounding Board), traveling the region to visit villages in our listening range, and volunteering in other community events outside KNOM. And I believe Daynee is currently working on KNOM’s Christmas radio drama.

VOX 1: Oh, stop, you’re embarrassing me. But you forgot to mention that I like to make my own sound effects.

LUCUS: Right. Anyway, these are some of the things Daynee does as a producer at KNOM.

From my trip to Wales.

VOX 2: That’s kinda neat. Thank you, Lucus. I don’t think I would’ve been able to get it out of her if you weren’t here.

LUCUS: No problem. I work with her. I know she goes on tangents.

VOX 1: Look! Bird, BIRD!

VOX 2: …

LUCUS: You see? Any more questions?

VOX 2: Yeah. What’s “VOX”?

LUCUS: Latin for “voice.” I started doing that in my scripts. Daynee stole it.

VOX 1: Did not!

LUCUS: Did too!

VOX 2: And what is this “music bed” thing?

LUCUS: Oh, that’s just the music that Daynee picks to play under someone’s voice when they read her scripts. I believe right now this is instrumental David Bowie.

VOX 2: Ziggy Stardust?

LUCUS: 1972

VOX 2: Lucus, thank you for existing.

LUCUS: Thank Daynee. She brought us here.

VOX 1: I love this song.



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