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Nome Traffic Report

Both my university and my job were close to were I lived, yet my total daily commute used to take two to three hours on an average day. If something crazy happened, like say, rain, there was no say when I’d get home. If you’ve lived in or near a city in the continental United States, you have probably shared my traffic woes.

I was stuck here for five hours. I don’t miss DC traffic at all…

The amount of time I’ve spent stuck in traffic in my relatively short lifetime is pretty obscene. I mean, I can’t help to think that I could have been doing more productive things with my life, like learning to play the mandolin, eating cake, feeding my friend’s pet snake, or curing cancer.

Okay, maybe not the snake, but you catch my drift.

Eva’s concentration cannot be broken!

Driving is one of my least favorite things to do and I am glad I don’t get to do it much anymore.  The KNOM Community House is right next to the studio, so if you take aside the time I take each morning fiddling with my keys, it takes about three seconds to get to work. I come in, make myself some coffee- sometimes do funny faces at Eva while she reads the news (who is completely unaffected! She is so right for her job)- and get pumped up to do The Morning Show with Lucus.

Last week I hit the Nome streets to cover a special Morning Show Live Traffic Report.

It went something like this.

Getting ready to hit the busy Nome streets

There are two cars parked in front of Hanson’s (one of our three grocery stores). Another car is parked by Old St. Joe’s. The roads are clear, but if you need to buy groceries I suggest waiting a few minutes before heading out this way. We don’t want to overcrowd Bering St. with parked cars.

Moving on to a live report from Front Street:

The building right next to me says it’s twenty-two degrees. Yes, buildings talk.  It is rush hour right now. Someone is walking to the post office. There are a few more parked cars by the bank. Other than that, Front Street is quiet and dark. Oh, wait. I see a car coming! It’s coming…

Oh wait no it parked. Now someone is getting out of the car. She is waving at me. I am waving back.

Finally, one more report from W 3rd Ave:

Nome has no traffic lights, but behold! A stop sign!

Outside the KNOM studios, a moderately sized pick up truck is approaching me from Bering St. It comes, it comes, it comes… it is gone. It stopped at the stop sign, like it should, which is nice. (I look up above and notice a generic, flying, motion machine.) There is a generic, flying motion machine above me. What is it? Could it be an airplane? It is either flight 151 arriving at the Nome airport or a UFO and the beginning of an alien invasion. That’s just my two cents. What it really is, is up to you.

This has been Daynee Rosales with your Nome Traffic Report.  Now back to you in the studio, Lucus. 

It took me five minutes to walk to Front Street. Terrible…


  1. Josh Cunningham on October 23, 2012 at 10:04 am

    I we see more of the tag ‘waving at strangers’ here on the KNOM Volunteer blog 🙂

  2. Chuck Cuyjet on October 23, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    And I remember when Nome was such a small sleepy little town…Look at all those cars!