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Anything Could Happen

At the end of the workday when you’ve had your share of listening to music and talking, nothing feels better than coming home to your radio companions and friends for a nice get-together of…listening to music and talking. I feel so blessed to have been placed among the four awesome individuals I share the Volunteer House with. Everyone brings something to the table that makes me look forward to our coming adventures together with each new experience that passes by us.

Life at the Volunteer House goes from manic to incredibly zen. Many hours are spent indulging in good conversation, KNOM playing quietly in the background, sipping whatever delicious tea that Eva’s oh-so-generous grandmother has shipped to us. Many hours are also spent participating in what we call our Nome Dance Party. It’s just like any dance party, except we bust moves in our bulky Bunny Boots. It isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot of fun as well as a great strength training routine for our legs. At this rate we ought have the shapeliest legs this side of Nome come winter.


They said my bunny boots didn’t fit. I don’t think they were trying hard enough to make them work.

Eva: “My grandma sent us tea!”
Josh: “Gee golly!”


Fun hasn’t been all about calorie burning however. The calories I have consumed in this past month living in our community housing have been some of the most adventurous and delicious I’ve encountered in a very long time. Lucus makes pita bread that is so good it’ll make you cry. Daynee’s culinary creations range from the exotic to the whimsical with her most recent creation being something called Unicorn Poop Cookies. They’re more delicious than they sound – trust me. Yet has anyone at the Volunteer House taken their turn at the stove without producing items have fallen short of tasty.


Daynee making whimsical and delicious cookies.


The most exciting part about all of this fellowship we are experiencing is that there is so much more to come just lingering on the horizon. Anything could happen. I wholeheartedly plan to keep eating well, laughing lots, and dancing the night away with the spattering of wonderful, talented people this experience has gifted me.


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  1. Daynee on September 25, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Josh, that shirt….. yes.