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Alumni Memories: Top 5 gifts, by Kristina Proctor


KNOM Radio Mission stands on the shoulders of all the volunteers that have come before. For one, two or three years they give of their time and talents to enrich the airwaves and the mission of KNOM Radio. As they move on, volunteers take with them a wealth of experiences, memories, and relationships.

Former volunteer Kristina Proctor shares things she learned from working at KNOM:

KNOM was more than a time of volunteering for me; it was a time for growth, development, and adventure. I could not have made a better choice than when I called General Manager Ric Schmidt to accept a role with the sub-arctic station. When I think of my time there, I can’t help but be thankful for everything the station gave me.

The top 5 things KNOM gave me can’t be taught in a classroom or learned in a webinar. They are all traits that you learn as you go through real-life experiences: from reporting on the Iditarod to flying in a Blackhawk helicopter, having project deadlines to learning a whole new culture. KNOM gave me what I desired, to be part of a community, to serve others using my gifts, and to grow as a person professionally and personally. I am the person I am today because of the wonderful people and community of KNOM.

So, thank you, KNOM for showing me:

  1. ProfessionalismNo matter the audience: from a mid-night show to the morning show, KNOM always requested the best of me, and then asked me to push more. The managers and fellow volunteers were held accountable to high standards. This has translated well to my work in marketing, education, and volunteering at a radio station in Minnesota. I’m always looking to see how I can grow and be a better person. Thank you KNOM for pushing me to be more.
  2. Time managementradio keeps going: There is one thing that I had to learn when I was on-air, if I messed up, I had to keep going. There is no pausing, stopping, or rewinding. Business keeps moving. You’re on, and that’s it. This framed my understanding of work. I had to learn how to use my time and be patient and thoughtful with what I had. My time needed to be used wisely.
  3. Listening skills- radio isn’t just talking, it’s listening: Something I heard from all the departments throughout KNOM was that we really listen to our audience. What they like, what they need, how they respond, and what we could improve on. Today, one of the things I hold dear is customer service and satisfaction. I find the information we hear from our customers is invaluable and not only helps me in my roles but helps me thrive.
  4. Self-careyou can love your job, but you need other passions: There is no doubt that everyone at KNOM loves what they do and who they serve. However, the leaders of the station took time for other things to recharge their servant-focused hearts. These role models gave me perspective to understand that life isn’t all about work, even when you love what you do.
  5. Acceptanceit’s more than being tolerant: By working in a place far from where I went to school and grew up, I was thrown into a space where I had to learn all about a new culture and work with people from all walks of life. However, KNOM was the best role model. The station is more than tolerant, they accept anyone and everyone, from the volunteers to their audience. They genuinely care for the people around them.

How has KNOM shaped you as a listener or a volunteer?

contributed by Kristina Proctor