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A Recent Hike and an Old Adventure


This isn’t New York City, there aren’t landmarks all over the place for tourists to see, but there are a few. Around Memorial Day last year my former roommate Leah, dear friend Bre and I took a drive down Council Road and stopped for a quick photo op at “The Last Train to Nowhere.” Sometimes we aren’t good at posing for pictures, and sometimes we are.

Hey Leah – I miss you!

I like the idea of pictures, I promise I really do. But I don’t like the idea of over doing it. I worry sometimes that people spend too much time trying to capture a moment on camera and they don’t take the time to enjoy the experience while it’s unfolding in front of them with all of their senses.  That being said, I own a very cheap camera, which is perfect for me. I can childishly snap photos when I want to, capture a memory or two, and at the end of the day I don’t have to worry if I’ve damaged my thousand dollar camera. No offense to all photographers out there – I love your work.

My cheap camera acted up on a recent hiking trip and only allowed me to take THREE photos. What the heck? Thankfully, all three of those photos were pretty great. I reached the top of the mountain I was hiking before my companion did and accidentally scared a bird right off of it’s nest as I stopped at the top to gaze out over the ledge. I took the opportunity to snap a photo of the nest while the mother flew overhead, screeching over and over. The bird had positioned the nest neatly on the edge of the cliff, so I had to do a little balancing and cling on to the ledge with one arm as I snapped the photo with the other, but I think it was worth it. Fortunately for the bird, I wasn’t in the mood for eggs.
The third photo is of Matthew heading up to the next peak, completely ignoring the chaos I had just gotten into with the bird and the eggs.


That is a moose. The moose is standing on the road. It was looking at me.