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Rest, Relax, Recover, and Resume

Hi everyone,

The past week and a half since my family departed these Nome shores have found me appreciating how busy their visit truly was!  We packed a whole year’s worth of games, hugs, conversations, fights, and silliness into 10 all too short days!  Whew, what a visit, and to top off all the fun and crazy we had planned,  when it came time for them to go, we made it to the airport and the plane that they were supposed to be leaving on never made it to Nome due to mechanical issues in Kotzebue (we later found out that they cracked a windshield when a bird hit the plane) and all the rest of their travel plans had to be rearranged, and I had to do the whole tearful goodbye thing again the next day!  Thankfully Independence Day was the very next day after they actually left, and I was able to rest, relax, and recover a bit from all the fun and excitement.  The only weird thing is how quiet it is at the volunteer house without my little sister bouncing around, and a raging game of dutch blitz going while my mom hyperventilates over how badly we are all beating her!  I shall just have to strive to be a noisier housemate to make up for the lack of constant uproar!

Now I am looking into the not too distant future, about a month to be exact, and see all the work that I need to do to be prepared to leave Nome and my KNOM family and welcome the new volunteer taking up my post.  There are going to be a few late nights at work for me in the next few weeks!  After my break with my family, I am now ready to resume my preparations and efforts toward finishing my year here strong, and giving my successor a platform from which to begin his year on a good foot!  Lookout movie soundtrack spots, album spotlights, and music detours will be flying off my desk at the speed of light!