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Gotta Get Down on Friday

And you thought you’d always love Fridays…

Have you ever heard of Rebecca Black?

Sometimes you turn on the radio and you hear songs you don’t like. That’s normal, it’s okay not to like everything you hear. Things get interesting when some people like a song and some people don’t. I actually like when this happens because then there’s the opportunity to hear a pretty solid debate about what constitutes good music. Funny enough, there is at least one song that the entire world can agree stinks pretty bad. Rebecca Black, a teenager from California is responsible for uniting the world on this unique level. Rebecca’s song, released last year, is so horrific that EVERYONE dislikes it, including me. Take a listen to the clip below to hear what happened on the show today.

Hear the horror


What KNOM listeners are saying about “Friday”

“I just got an instant headache.”

“Thanks for playing this song. It’s my FAVORITE! Truly.”

“I just shut my radio off. I’ll turn it back on tomorrow, once Friday is over.”


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Also on the show today, some good music.

Your Friday Face Melter