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The Morning Show and More Bad Fruit

The Morning Show

Things are going well on The Morning Show. I host the show on weekdays from 6 until 10. Even if you can’t quite get our signal from where you are, you can head on over to our new website for The Morning Show and get all the latest on what went on during those four magical hours. After spending a significant amount of time prepping the site this week, there are now multiple entries online and I hope to keep the site active each day at the conclusion of the show.

Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for tuning in.

More bad fruit

When you go to the grocery store, standard practice is to open the carton of eggs to make sure none of them are broken before you purchase them, right? Well, in Nome, it’s best to do the same thing with your strawberries. I thought I did a good job checking out the fruit before I purchased it last week, but apparently I missed a spot. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll open up the container and make sure I’ve inspected every inch of each piece of fruit.

Darn it!

Darn it!