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WWD: Hug or Handshake?

The Wednesday Weekly Dilemma messes with your head every Wednesday at 9:30.

I’ve received more feedback about the Wednesday Weekly Dilemma than any other segment on The Morning Show since I began hosting it.

Though I wish I could take full credit for the creation of this obnoxious 30 minutes, I cannot. Former Morning Show host, Leah Radde, created the idea, and together we made the segment what it is today. Upon Leah’s departure from the show in July, I invited Matthew along for the wild ride. Each week Matt and I take different sides to a new dilemma and discuss the topic to the point where we’re both so confused that we’re further away from an understanding of the topic than when we first began. The best part is, despite having the same birth name, Matt and I don’t have much in common, which leads to some interesting scenarios.

This week on WWD, Matt and I discussed two very different ways to greet someone. Do you give them a handshake or a hug? Matt decided to defend the handshake while I sided with all of the huggers of the world.

In this episode we have a surprise appearance from KNOM’s Outreach Coordinator Laura and take a phone call from KNOM Community DJ Joleen, who both side with yours truly as they defend the hug.

The Wednesday Weekly Dilemma for June 20, 2012