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The Play is the Thing

January and February got a little tedious this year. I don’t want to sound like I didn’t appreciate life for those two months, but I certainly got tired of the constant below zero temperatures, the cars that wouldn’t start, and the need to wear four layers just to stay warm when going outside. To help pass these difficult weeks I got involved in Nome’s high school drama club. We put on a play at the end of April and rehearsals for the show were Monday-Thursday afternoons. Each day after work I made my way over to the school and was able to assistant direct for the first time in my life. It was great being able to work with the kids and to suck up some of the coldest and darkest afternoons of the year.

It was an absolute pleasure watching the kids grow as actors and comedians throughout the winter and by the time it was show time I was blown away at how smooth of a production they were able to put on.

James, Brian, Mary, Beth, Dawn and Miranda were the six kids who put on the play that was originally designed for between 12 and 40 people. The way they were able to hold their own, step in when needed, and improvise on the fly made for quite the comical weekend.

If you want to hear more about the show, take a listen to this long-format news story that KNOM put together for the club; Nome Drama Profile.

I wish I could show you what the cast looks like, but we don’t have photo releases for them. I assure you – they’re great. Anyway, headless kids…no big deal.