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Live Iditarod Finishes: Seavey, Zirkle, Smyth

It was an exciting Tuesday night in Nome, as the first three finishers in the 2012 Iditarod – Dallas Seavey, Aliy Zirkle, and Ramey Smyth – pulled under the Burled Arch.

Hear our live, finish-line coverage of all three finishes. There’s lots more to come – including photos.

Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey receives the novelty key for his brand-new truck: one of the prizes of finishing the Last Great Race first.

Dallas Seavey of Willow, Alaska – 2012 Iditarod Champion

Aliy Zirkle of Two Rivers, Alaska – 2nd Place

Ramey Smyth of Willow, Alaska – 3rd Place

3 Responses to “Live Iditarod Finishes: Seavey, Zirkle, Smyth”

  1. montanigrani

    What fabulous coverage. Thank you so much. It was good to at least hear the teams [top 10] as they came in. Too bad the Insider only covers the winner anymore.Thank you for not cutting your coverage of the others short.

  2. Tim Bodony

    Substantive Iditarod coverage without a deluge of ads? Who would have thought it possible? Anyone who knows about KNOM, that’s who.

  3. AGorn

    Thank you for providing the finish audio! I can’t think of a better way to connect to the race long-distance than through your coverage. What a treat and I love hearing the voices of dear friends doing good work.

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