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Kaiser: It was “Soft and Slow” Coming in to Unalakleet

In Unalakleet, Bethel’s Pete Kaiser talked about the state of his Iditarod race with KNOM trail reporter Laureli Kinneen.

Kaiser said it was “soft and slow” in the latter part of the run from Kaltag to Unalakleet (beyond the Old Woman cabin, a common resting place for inbound mushers), but he hoped his dogs could pick up in the stretches of trail yet to come.

He arrived in Unalakleet seventh – at 12:17pm, just two minutes after Ray Redington, Jr. – and told Laureli that he hoped he could “fend off” the talented mushers behind him in the race standings.

Hear Pete Kaiser in Unalakleet:

As of the time of writing (7pm Sunday night), Pete Kaiser has not officially been reported out of Unalakleet. He arrived into the checkpoint with 13 dogs – a larger team than all but one of the mushers ahead of him.