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Nome-Golovin 2012: RACE RESULTS

Nome's John Bahnke III - overall winner in Saturday's Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race - alongside Kotzebue's Chris Collins, who placed second in the B Class (0-600cc Class) after Kotzebue's Peter Reich.

The results are in from Saturday’s Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race!

Congratulations to Nome’s own John Bahnke III, the 2012 Nome-Golovin champion!

Below are the full standings from Nome-Golovin 2012, along with the finish times and hometowns of the competitors (if available). Race times have been adjusted to compensate for the starting time differentials. Congratulations to all of today’s racers!

(Correction: These standings originally listed Chris Collins as the winner in the B Class, instead of Peter Reich. Our results have been corrected to list Peter Reich in first place, Chris Collins in second place in the B Class.)

Fastest Overall

  • John Bahnke III of Nome, Alaska: 2 hours, 27 minutes, 33 seconds

Finishers in the A Class/Open Class/601+ cc Class

  1. John Bahnke III of Nome: 2:27:33 (fastest overall)
  2. Evan Booth of Nome: 2:28:34
  3. Art Amaktoolik of Elim: 2:40:46
  4. Tommy Jones of Kotzebue: 2:43:23
  5. Allen “Pookie” Jessup Jr. of Kotzebue: 2:54:43
  6. Harvey Farley of Nome: 3:08:22
  7. Dan Ozenna (Red Lantern in Nome-Golovin 2012): 4:25:41

Scratches in the A Class/Open Class/601+ cc Class

  • Winter Jones of Kotzebue (did not start)
  • Robert Richards, Jr. of Kotzebue
  • Reuben Olanna, Sr.

Finishers in the B Class/0-600cc Class

  1. Peter Reich of Kotzebue: 2:32:34
  2. Chris Collins of Kotzebue: 2:33:41
  3. Tre West of Nome: 2:35:51
  4. Harold Lie of Nome: 2:40:11
  5. Brad George of Wasilla: 2:41:17
  6. Jarvis Miller of Nome: 2:41:45
  7. Calvin Schaeffer of Kotzebue: 2:50:20
  8. Roger Nassuk, Jr. of Koyuk: 3:13:50
  9. Gary Kaningok: 3:47:13

Scratches in the B Class/0-600cc Class

  • Colton West of Nome
  • Aaron Loyer of Palmer
  • Harold O’Connor
  • Nicholas Reader of Nome
  • Roger Hannon of Koyuk
  • Tim “Timster” James, Sr. of Nome
  • Mike Morgan of Nome

Finishers in the C Class/Fan-Cooled Class

  1. Dickie Moto, Jr. of Kotzebue: 2:54:47
  2. Quinn Schaeffer of Kotzebue: 3:05:50
  3. Joseph Fagundes of White Mountain: 3:09:25
  4. Lee Stahley of Kiana: 3:17:28
  5. Howard “Chugi” Farley, Jr. of Nome: 3:22:23

Scratches in the C Class/Fan-Cooled Class

  • Daniel Henry of Kotzebue
  • Gabe Schaeffer of Kotzebue

Finishers in the Women’s Class (racing to Solomon and back)

  1. Dora Hughes of Teller: 1:02:04
  2. Marlene Saccheus of Elim: 1:05:41
  3. Sidney Mitchell of Selawik: 1:08:41
  4. Mercie McGuffey of Nome: 1:09:42

Scratches in the Women’s Class

  • Samantha Harris-Richards


  1. Herman Reich on March 10, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    How could this be looking at the times posted Peter had better time, how could this be second for Peter Reich, 1.Chris Collins of Kotzebue: 2:33:41
    2.Peter Reich of Kotzebue: 2:32:34

    • David Dodman on March 11, 2012 at 3:03 pm

      Herman, you’re exactly right – this was an error on our part.

      The standings have now been corrected in all of our posts for Nome-Golovin 2012, listing Peter Reich as first in the B Class, Chris Collins in second.

      Thanks very much for reading and for catching this!