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Live Blog: Nome-Golovin 2012 Finish

3:00pm: Our live Nome-Golovin coverage has wrapped. We’ll bring you official race standings when we have them!

2:58pm: Rebekah Pierce reports from the spotter vehicle – and Matthew Guiffré confirms from race headquarters – that the first racers in the Fan-Cooled Class (Dickie Moto, Jr. and Quinn Schaeffer) are on the outskirts of Nome and are expected to finish very soon.

2:57pm: Matthew and Ben wrap their report from the start/finish line.

2:56pm: Ben reports that Allen “Pookie” Jessup, Jr. and Calvin Schaeffer have both crossed the finish line. (Finish time is unofficial.)

2:55pm: Jarvis Miller says he topped out at 100mph “one time.” He thanks family and friends.

2:54pm: Matthew’s talking with Jarvis Miller. The 2012 race was “a lot rougher” than the 2011 race, Miller says.

2:52pm: Ben’s talking with Brad George, who describes the trail as “pretty rough but pretty fun.” The trail has gotten “way rougher” in the time since Iron Dog, George says. Racing on the trail involved “a lot of hanging on.”

2:50pm: Tommy Jones reports that he experienced a blown belt near Golovin Bay. He thanks all his sponsors and his family in Kotzebue.

2:49pm: Art Amaktoolik says “it’s about time I placed!” He says hello to his family in Elim and Savoonga.

2:47pm: Matthew reports that Jarvis Miller has just crossed the finish line. Matthew’s interviewing Art Amaktoolik, who describes the trail as “pretty rough today” – in particular, the “hard snow drifts,” which were “everywhere” and needed to be handled with “caution.”

2:45pm: Laura says that Tommy Jones, Harold Lie, Brad George, and Jarvis Miller have all passed through the outskirts of Nome (near Farley’s Camp, where our spotter vehicle is stationed).

2:43pm: Nome’s Tre West says the bumpy Nome-Golovin trail is “night and day” compared with the smooth Iron Dog trail (which he traversed in February). Tre says “hi” and gives thanks to his family, his sponsors and “everyone who helped me.”

2:42pm (time unofficial): Art Amaktoolik (bib #10, in the Open Class) has just crossed the finish line.

2:41pm: Ben is talking with Kotzebue’s Chris Collins. Collins thanks his sponsors.

2:39pm: Peter Reich says it was bumpy on the trail, saying he “almost fell off” at one point.

2:38pm: Ben Matheson reports that Peter Reich, Chris Collins, and Tre West have now crossed the finish line (in that order). All are in the 0-600cc Class.

2:36pm: Bib #52 – Peter Reich – crosses the finish line (finish time unofficial). Matthew Smith interviews John Bahnke III; Bahnke says the race went well overall, talking about the competition between himself and Evan Booth. Bahnke says his speedometer occasionally topped out around 110-115 miles per hour. Bahnke thanks Lions Club, volunteers, City of Nome.

2:35pm: KNOM’s Laura Collins reports that Tre West, Chris Collins, and Peter Reich are on the outskirts of Nome (by Farley’s Camp), expected soon to be crossing the finish line.

2:34pm: Evan Booth says “thanks to everybody on the trail.” KNOM’s Matthew Smith confirms that no other Nome-Golovin racers have yet crossed the finish line.

2:31pm: We’re interviewing Nome’s Evan Booth.

2:29pm (time unofficial): John Bahnke III finishes in Nome.

2:28pm (time unofficial): Evan Booth finishes in Nome.

2:27pm: Matthew and Ben report the “hint of headlights” of coming snowmachiners. Booth and Bahnke are said to be in “dead heat,” coming in to Nome.

2:25pm: Laura, in the spotter vehicle, reports that Evan Booth and (possibly) John Bahnke have passed through the outskirts of Nome, en route to the finish line.

2:19pm: Matty, calling in from race headquarters, reports that Evan Booth, John Bahnke, Chris Collins and Peter Reich are all reported through Safety.