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Solar Storms, Crab Cleaning, and Iditarod

Hi!  Bekah here,

The past few nights have been predicted to have massive amounts of solar activity, and that means the potential for great Northern Lights is significantly increased!  Hopefully a Aurora viewing expedition will be in the works tonight or tomorrow night, and that it will also be successful!  I heard that as far south as Georgia was expecting to be able to see Aurora Borealis, so I am pretty hopeful that here in Northern Alaska my chances are higher!  The weather just needs to remain clear tonight.

It has been pretty busy here in Nome, preparing for Iditarod to finish here next week, possibly as early as Tuesday!  It’s a very hectic and exciting time for this town, and for a lot of Alaska.  Over 60 mushers will be coming into Nome, each with 6-16 dogs, plus all the family members and tourists, Nome turns into a hopping place!  I am looking forward to next week when our coverage of Iditarod amps up into 24 hours a day, I will be on a night schedule and it should be interesting!  Between all the excitement, different work duties, and the changes in my sleeping patterns, 24 hour coverage is shaping up to be a much more fun version of finals week in college!

On a super exciting note for me (and maybe seafood fans), my roommate Matthew Smith helped a friend of his set a crab pot out on the sea ice, well under it really, and in return he got to keep a couple crab!  How cool is that!  Fresh Alaskan crab straight from the ocean, that someone I know caught!  I helped Matthew pick the meat out of the shells, and he is saving it for a recipe this weekend. But it was still pretty fun to do.  Their is no better feeling than pulling out a piece of crab meat whole from a leg!  So much fun, I cannot wait to do it again!

Talk to you again in a couple weeks!

Bekah Pierce

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  1. Patti Abbott on March 22, 2012 at 10:15 am

    You made me very jealous seeing you with all of that crab. Didn’t you eat any of it while you were getting the meat out?
    The Iditarod must have been really exciting. We were thinking of you during the race. Hope you got to see some of the finishes.
    Have fun now that your days are getting longer.
    Love ya,
    Aunt Patti and Uncle Tom; Maddie too