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Get Along Little Irondoggies, Get Along

Hello Bekah here!

This week at work we have been covering a snow machine race: the Irondog 2012. The route goes from Anchorage to here in Nome, where it took about a day and a half pause, and continues on to Fairbanks. Snow machine races are so different from dog team races; for one, they are a lot faster! Snow machine racers have been known to go above 90 miles per hour and dog teams average about ten to twelve miles per hour. 90 miles an hour! I can’t even imagine how fast that is. And to be doing that on snow and ice on a small snow machine unprotected by the bulk of a car, wow! I can barely go 80 miles an hour in my car on the highway without feeling like something is going to spin out of control!

We are also gearing up for Iditarod. It starts on Sunday the 4th of March, and is a rather hectic and crazy time at the station, in a fun way, I’m told! This will be my first Iditarod, and I am very excited to be a part of the coverage and all the events that are related to the race! Adding to all the excitement generating is the fact that we are gaining about 45 minutes of day light per week! The sun hasn’t set all the way quite yet when I leave work at 7 pm now, which I am loving!