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Caught Doing Something Good: Helena Oxereok of Wales

Helena Oxereok of Wales, Alaska.

This month, we travel to the western edge of the Seward Peninsula to the village of Wales, where 19-year-old Helena Oxereokshares her story. Helena is a single mom working to finish high school and to raise her son at the same time. In between caring for her child and finishing her final classes, Helena works at the school’s store and fundraises for the senior trip, which is to be taken at the end of the year.

The principal of Wales School, Roxie Quick, hopes that Helena’s story will encourage other single parents to return to school and work toward their high school diplomas.

In this episode, Helena also talks about the importance of raising her child in the village of Wales and the support system that exists there and keeps her going. She also delves into why avoiding drugs and alcohol was so vital in getting her to where she is in her life now.

This episode also features Wales School principal Roxie Quick.