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Beautiful Winter Days, Exciting Races, and New Music

Hello everyone, Rebekah here!

The weather this week has been amazing. Last week we were still trudging through with 30 below zero temperatures daily, then it warmed up enough to snow this weekend, and snow it did (about 10 inches.) Now the temperature has been hovering around 30 ABOVE!  That’s a sixty-degree difference; back home in PA that would be like going from the 20-30’s of a normal winter to the 80-90’s of summer!  It’s ridiculously warm for still being cold!

In other Nome/KNOM news there is a brand new sled dog race beginning this week, the Norton Sound 450, and the finish line is in Nome!  This is the very first time that it is being run, and there are about 12 mushers running the 450 mile course, 4 of which are women (which really shouldn’t be surprising, but I find really cool!)  KNOM covers most races around here, so this work week will be a little bit different than normal, a little bit more broken up so the other volunteers, Laureli (our News Director), and I can do updates on the race.  The last 350 miles of this race, basically is the last portion of the Iditarod. So this will be good practice for both the mushers and the KNOM team! Hopefully I will be able to get down to Front Street to catch some of the finish, (plus a picture for this post!)

Other than the race, this week at work will be normal. I’m working on an Album Spotlight for this weekend. I did a male country album last time, so I am thinking female pop, indie, or Christian for this week. I’m leaning toward either a Barlow Girl album or Ellie Goulding. Plus I will at least write the script and record my voice for an extra Album Spotlight to save for during Iditarod, when my time will be concentrated on other duties!  I am also getting some new music together, both from popular charts and from CD’s that get sent to me, to add to our music library to play during Iditarod. Then there will be fresh, new music playing while we have so many people listening.  Basically, this week I will spend a great deal of time wearing headphones and listening to music on my laptop!  Fun right?!

Signing off!