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The Iditarod 2011 Red Lantern: Ellen Halverson

photos and text by David Dodman

Iditarod 2011 has officially concluded! The last-place finisher, or Red Lantern, arrived into Nome on Sunday morning.

The Red Lantern of Iditarod 2011 was Wasilla, Alaska’s Ellen Halverson, who passed under the Burled Arch at 10:45am Sunday. Halverson is the first musher in Iditarod history to win the Red Lantern twice; she also placed last in 2007, although her finish time this year was more than two days and 16 hours faster.

Here’s a few shots of Halverson’s Red Lantern finish. KNOM reporter Ben Matheson caught up with Halverson under the Burled Arch; he also spoke with US Senator Lisa Murkowski, who was on hand to see the conclusion of Iditarod 2011.

Ellen Halverson arrives

The Iditarod 2011 Red Lantern (last-place finisher), Ellen Halverson, pulling to the finish line on Sunday.

Ellen Halverson's dogs get tangled

As she pulled to a stop, one of Halverson's dogs got tangled in her tow line.

Ellen Halverson

Ellen Halverson.

Musher Ellen Halverson, Iditarod official Leo Rasmussen and reporter Ben Matheson

Red Lantern Ellen Halverson talks with Iditarod official Leo Rasmussen (in the red hat) and KNOM's Ben Matheson.

Ben Matheson and Lisa Murkowski

Ben Matheson chats a bit with US Senator Lisa Murkowski, who was on hand - and bundled up - to see Ellen Halverson's Red Lantern finish.

Ben Matheson interviews Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski talked about her excitement at being back in Nome to witness the conclusion of Iditarod 2011.