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Lance Mackey in Nome: “No Complaints”

audio by Laureli Kinneen; text and photos by David Dodman

This wasn’t Lance Mackey’s year to win the Iditarod, but after four championships in a row, the mushing “rock star” says he has “no complaints.” “I wasn’t even supposed to win one (Iditarod), let alone four.”

In fact, the trail conditions were so good this year that, Mackey says, “if anybody has any complaints, they need to keep it to themselves.”

Mackey was in high spirits when he pulled under the Burled Arch on Wednesday morning, finishing in 16th place.

His final push to Nome likely helped his mood: he bested Ken Anderson for the fastest Safety-to-Nome run in Iditarod 2011. Mackey will take home a $500 award from the Nome Kennel Club at Sunday’s Iditarod banquet: not bad, considering that, as Mackey concedes, his paycheck will be smaller this year.

Here’s our live coverage of Mackey’s finish. Don’t miss the photos, below!

Laureli reports

KNOM's Laureli Kinneen, reporting live from the Burled Arch just after Lance Mackey's arrival.

Mackey shakes hands

Four-time champion Lance Mackey was greeted by a large crowd of supporters on Wednesday morning; the musher shook lots of hands.

Mackey talks to the press

There was no shortage of reporters and photographers under the Burled Arch to greet Lance Mackey.

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  1. Colleen Hirsh on March 18, 2011 at 7:11 am

    Always proud of you Lance Mackey!