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More Photos: Hans Gatt Arrives in Nome

photos by David Dodman

Hans Gatt arrives

3rd-place musher Hans Gatt pulls into the Burled Arch on Tuesday afternoon.

Hans Gatt arrives 2

As Hans Gatt pulls up the chute, public affairs director Matthew Smith - wearing the dark navy KNOM winter hat - narrates his finish for Western Alaskan listeners. (KNOM's Matty Guiffre was also on hand; he's wearing the light grey hat, just to the right of Hans Gatt.)

Hans Gatt sled dog

One of Hans Gatt's sled dogs in the chute, just after Gatt's Tuesday finish.

Another Hans Gatt dog

Another of Hans Gatt's dogs.

Hans Gatt and Matt Smith

Hans Gatt interviews with KNOM's Matthew Smith.