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Schnuelle, “Stubborn” and Steady

text by David Dodman; audio by Laureli Kinneen

Sebastian Schnuelle says he likes having a “big team,” and so far, he’s got one: as of 5pm Sunday, his 14 dogs make Schnuelle’s team the largest of Iditarod’s current top 10.

In Kaltag, Schnuelle talked to KNOM trail reporter Laureli Kinneen about his “stubborn” approach to mushing, which, he says, may be why he still has such a large string of dogs.

The Canadian musher also talked about his dogs’ strengths (“steadiness”) and their weaknesses (they only have “one gear” and aren’t trained for speed) and why this year’s race “has been really fun”:

At time of writing, Sebastian Schnuelle is in 4th position; he departed Unalakleet at 1:06pm with all 14 dogs.