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Nome-Golovin: The Latest

by David Dodman

We live-blogged the finishes of this afternoon’s Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race. Here’s the transcript:

2:57pm: We’re wrapping up our coverage. Dickie Moto, Jr. (bib 86) has just finished first in the fan-cooled class.

2:52pm: Leah and Matt just chatted with Koyuk’s Christopher Nassuk (Class B, bib 54).

2:48pm: Leah’s talking with William Gray (bib 59, Class B) and Adrian Nassuk (bib 63, Class B).

2:45pm: Cliff Johnson (bib 44) has finished. He says he had a few problems with his snowmachine starting about 5 miles out; his sled’s internal computer started malfunctioning, and he had difficulty going above 80 mph.

2:44pm: Leah (at the finish line on the sea ice) says lots of the B Class (0-600 CC) racers are coming in.

2:42pm: Shanta Esparza just arrived in Nome. He says Cape Nome was one of the roughest parts of the trail; “pretty rough.”

2:39pm: Leah’s talking with Nicholas Reader (57), who feels he did well overall. His Polaris sled “held up nice.” Will he be back next year? “For sure.”

2:32pm: Tre West (bib 55), Nicholas Reader (57), Mike Morgan (10), and Peter Reich, Sr. (51) have all arrived in Nome.

2:28pm: Aaron Loyer (bib 69) and Louis Warnke-Green (6) have just finished in Nome; Loyer’s being interviewed on KNOM right now.

2:23pm: Just catching up: Aside from Jarvis Miller (bib 3) and Evan Booth (bib 9), we’re also anticipating bib 6, Louis Warnke-Green, to be finishing soon. He’s reported out of Safety.

We also have these racers reported out of Topkok: Mike Morgan (bib 10), Johnny Bahnke III (12), Peter Reich, Sr. (51), Tre West (55), Nicholas Reader (57), and Joe Fulwood (71).

2:22pm: Jarvis Miller’s just returned to Nome, first to cross the line. Leah’s interviewing him. Evan Booth has just now arrived, also.

2:20pm: Bib #9, Evan Booth, now sighted by our spotter at Farley’s.

2:18pm: Bib #3, Jarvis Miller, just sighted from our race spotter at Farley’s Camp (on the outskirts of Nome). He’s expected to be the first to finish the race, which does not necessarily mean, however, that he’s won (the race differential still needs to be accounted for).

2:00pm: Up to this point, here’s the scratches we’ve recorded:

  • Class A (Open): Robert Richards, Jr. (bib 2), Bob Saccheus (bib 4), Winter Jones (bib 8 )
  • Class B (0-600 CC): Cody White (bib 42), Jerry Patton (45), Elijah Cabinboy (46), Chase Booth (49), Colton West (53), Ricky Outwater (56), George Apatiki (66), Jared Walker (68), Bryce Warnke-Green (72)
  • Class C (Fan-Cooled): Brad Reich, Jr. (bib 83), DeShawn Williams (85)
  • Class D (Women’s): Minnie Sampson-Hoffman (bib 124)

1:58pm: Linda’s just reported in from race headquarters (at the Nome Armory). Lots of racers have passed through Topkok (on the way back to the Nome finish line). We expect them back to the finish line soon.

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  1. Susan on March 12, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Anyone hear anything on Chris Collins?