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Photos: Cim Smyth and Bruce Linton

Cim Smyth and Bruce Linton were two of the many Iditarod mushers who reached the finish line on Wednesday: in 23rd and 25th places, respectively.

Smyth and Linton both finished in the evening, mushing the few last miles of the trail as the sun set. We grabbed a few photos of the veteran mushers as they ran their teams towards Nome; it was truly a beautiful scene:

Cim Smyth Mushes

Cim Smyth energetically mushes his 6 dogs towards the finish line. Smyth - like his brother, Ramey - is known for making exceptionally fast runs from Safety to Nome.

Cim Smyth on the ice

Cim Smyth on the frozen ice of the Bering Sea, just a few miles from his Nome finish.

Cim Smyth and Sledge Island

Cim Smyth mushing towards Nome on Wednesday night against the open vista of the frozen Bering Sea and, in the distance, Sledge Island.

Bruce Linton at Farley's Camp

Bruce Linton and his team of 10 dogs approach the second crossing at Farley's Camp, a region on the outskirts of Nome about 4 miles from the finish line.

Bruce Linton Crosses the Road

Bruce Linton's team crosses the Nome-Council Highway on its final run to Nome (with KNOM's AM transmitter in the background!).


  1. Heidi on March 19, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Beautiful pictures…thank you!!

  2. Amy Flaherty on March 19, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Sights to make one Nomesick.