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38 Mushers In, and More to Come

Cim Smyth Mushes

Cim Smyth energetically mushes his 6 dogs towards the finish line. Smyth - like his brother, Ramey - is known for making exceptionally fast runs from Safety to Nome.

Wow! It’s been an incredible few days in Iditarod 2010.

The finishes have been fast. 38 mushers have already crossed the Burled Arch in Nome, and we’re expecting more soon; 18 competitors are still on the trail, heading our way. (At the time of writing – 9:17pm on Thursday – we’re expecting rookie musher Kristy Berington to finish in 39th place sometime before 10:00pm.)

On the air – 96.1 fm and 780 am – we’ve been exceptionally busy (and excited!).

We provided round-the-clock coverage of the first 30 mushers arriving into Nome. Whether at 4pm or 4am, noon or midnight, we sent out our “spotter” vehicle to Nome’s outskirts and our reporters to Front Street to bring you the top 30 finishes, live. It’s been an intense and fun few days, and there’s still lots more to post on this blog: including more audio and photos from some of the top-30 finishers.

Check back with KNOM on the Trail, plus KNOM’s page on Facebook and our Twitter profile, as mushers continue to finish in Iditarod 2010. On the air, even though we’ve wrapped up our live-finish coverage, we’ll still keep you up-to-date on musher standings/finishes with regular Iditarod Updates, airing throughout this weekend.

Also: The Iditarod 38 Awards Banquet is this Sunday evening, and we’ll bring that to you live on 96.1 fm and 780 am; the banquet starts at 4pm, and our coverage will begin later that evening.

Thanks for listening and thanks for reading! Lots more very soon; stay tuned.


  1. Sarah on March 19, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Any chance you’d be able to post the awards ceremony on this blog, like you’ve been doing with the interview and race update clips? Those of us in the lower 48 would love to listen too!

  2. Marcia Claesson on March 19, 2010 at 6:37 am

    Please consider putting an mp3 of the entire banquet on-line for those of us in the lower 48 who would love to hear it. Thank you for considering this.

  3. cindy cowherd on March 19, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Sure hope you will be broadcasting the Finishers banquet this yr!!