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Nome-Golovin: RACE RESULTS

The results are in for the 2010 Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race!

Fastest overall time: Mike Morgan of Nome (B Class, bib #17)

Top 3 in the A Class:

  1. Chris Collins of Kotzebue (bib #44)
  2. Geoff Hubert of Nome (bib #51)
  3. Jarvis Miller of Nome (bib #45)

Top 3 in the B Class:

  1. Mike Morgan of Nome (bib #17) *FASTEST OVERALL TIME*
  2. Steven Williamson of Kotzebue (bib #26)
  3. Troy Miller of Nome (bib #11)

Top 3 in the C Class (Fan-Cooled):

  1. Jerry Patton of Nome (bib #38)
  2. Frank Lane of Kotzebue (bib #37)
  3. Wally Carter of Kotzebue (bib #35)

Top 3 in the Women’s Class:

  1. Samantha Harris-Richards of Kotzebue (bib #119)
  2. Dora Hughes of Teller (bib #97)
  3. Cynthia Outwater of Nome (bib #40)

At time of writing (5:20pm, Saturday), specific finish times were not available.

5 Responses to “Nome-Golovin: RACE RESULTS”

  1. john schaeffer

    what was mike’s time? does cal schaeffer still hold the record? 10 years now?

    • reuben nicholson

      I could be wrong John, but as far as I can remember, Louie (can’t think of last name right now, but it starts with an S) of Nome has the overall record of 1hr and 58 mins. I don’t recall anyone ever beating that time but I could be wrong.

  2. KNOM

    Great questions! As of now we don’t have any specific, official finish times from Nome-Golovin headquarters. You may want to contact them directly to answer your questions (about the record, etc.).

  3. Esther

    Thanks for the awesome coverage today!! My favorite reporter was Darlene down at headquarters! 🙂

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