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Overheard on the Trail

What does it sound like on the trail? Earlier this week, when our race reporter Laureli was in Takotna, she grabbed a few sounds from the popular 24-hour-layover site.

Laureli was a “fly on the wall” for a conversation between mushers DeeDee Jonrowe and William “Middie” Johnson. They talked about “keeping it simple” on the trail, the relationship between a musher and his/her team, Pat Moon’s scratch, and expectations for the second half of the race:

Laureli was also in Takotna to catch the arrival of Lachlan Clarke. Clarke interacted with Iditarod volunteers to officially check in to Takotna, declare his 24-hour layover, and select a resting site:

At time of writing (1:14pm Friday), DeeDee Jonrowe is in 26th position; she departed Cripple at 6:48am Friday morning with 8 dogs. Middie Johnson is 34th; he left Cripple at 12:29pm (Friday) with 14 dogs. Lachlan Clarke is in 45th position; he left Ophir with 12 dogs at 1o:00pm Thursday night.