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In Our Studio

Our main broadcast studio (Studio A) is filled with Iditarod information. We’re following the race from early in the morning to late at night, and we’re making sure that we’re on top of all the details!

Here are a few shots of Studio A, from a broadcaster’s prospective:

Pronouncing the mushers

Radio is, of course, all about sound: including pronunciations!

White board schedule

We’re airing feature interviews throughout the day (and of course, posting them to this blog!); the white board gives our DJs a heads-up for when everything’s happening.

Big Iditarod Map

It’s a KNOM tradition: every year, we turn one of the big windows in Studio A into a giant map of the Iditarod trail – complete with markers for the lead musher, the last-position musher (or “Red Lantern”), and our reporter-on-the-trail (Laureli Kinneen!).

Iditarod Map Close Up

At time of writing (3:30pm Thursday), the first-position musher is in the Cripple checkpoint – the half-way point of the Iditarod trail.