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From Australia to Alaska: Iditarod Vet Mike Glascoigne

Lance Mackey on the Trail

Lance Mackey on the trail, just a few minutes after the Iditarod restart on Sunday. Iditarod vets like Mike Glascoigne keep tabs on sled dogs’ health throughout the race.

The flight from Brisbane, Australia to Southcentral Alaska is quite long – and expensive. But for 16 years, Mike Glascoigne has been taking that journey: to serve as a volunteer veterinarian in the Iditarod.

Mike recently spoke with our Iditarod reporter on the trail, Laureli Kinneen. He shared what’s brought him back to the Iditarod, his devotion to exceptional dog care, and what unique challenges the sled dog teams may face this year.

Hear our Profile with Mike Glascoigne:

Thanks to KNOM Financial Officer Tom Busch for his shot of Lance Mackey (above right).

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  1. Tera Cunningham on March 8, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Great story! As much as I enjoy hearing the mushers’ perspectives, it’s great to hear what the Iditarod is like for the others who help make it happen. Love it. Keep up the EXCELLENT work! Also, I am so thrilled this is online! Thumbs up, KNOM!