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  • Elim

    Outta Nome

    When you live in the sub-Arctic, you're surrounded by a landscape mostly devoid of trees. As Tara says, "you get a little giddy when you see trees again."

  • Zach and Anna Rose in the new newsroom

    Our digital studios, a few steps closer to air time

    We’re committed to the major renovation and expansion project currently underway at our studios; thanks to you, the project has taken major steps forward in the past few months.

  • Dog team, Iditarod 2014 start

    Iditarod: a red-letter year

    As part of our April 2014 newsletter, take a look back at an incredible, exceptional Iditarod: both for our radio mission and for the Last Great Race itself.

  • Ric shoveling

    Three years ago, ten years ago

    While Nome has experienced a relatively warm winter this year – with widespread melting and relatively little snow to speak of – winter in our region is, as you might expect,…

    Looking out of the Volunteer House.

    A Week in April

    Monday The melt began last week. Months of snow and ice running brown through the streets. So much snow. Piles of it around town. Massive mounds.…

    Update News: April 8th, 2014

    In Tuesday’s news: Alaska House passes sweeping education bill; Rio Tinto divesting its stakes in Northern Dynasty, proposed Pebble Mine owner; Synthetic drugs transporting through postal…