Touched By His Grace

by Ezio M. Tozzi

Seeds of grace most truly start --
Within the realm of a hopeful heart.
The beneficial reality of this seed --
Is bringing light to souls in need.

Grace is a seed, that's not forbidden...
It dwells within -- not to be hidden.
Time will never, ever erase
A kindness bestowed through seeds of grace.

In Helping others to daily cope,
We expand horizons of Christian hope.
Let not your light be in decline --
It remains a grace that's meant to shine.

In deeds, the light of the world are we,
Who possess the grace to set men free...
Free from the struggles, burdens and cares --
That come from our actions, hopes and prayers.

How hopeful it becomes, when we are aware,
Of bring grace to those in despair...
To assist the less fortunate -- and not question "why?"

Each humble task, in this world we trod,
May it be for the greater glory of God.
Heaven awaits -- with our Savior's embrace,
To each soul that is touched by His loving grace.

Ezio Tozzi read this poem at the conclusion of the Mass on July 14, 2001, when his son Ross was ordained a Catholic priest in St. Joseph Church in Nome, Alaska.

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