Transmission 422:  April 2001

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Dear Friend of KNOM,

May the grace of the risen Lord be with you! 

Once more, we thank you for your loyal support for our mission, for your encouragement and for your prayers. 

We are deeply grateful to you.

Thanks to you, it’s been a busy, eventful and deeply inspirational month for us and our many far-flung village listeners. 


KNOM volunteers  Andrew McDonnell and Victoria P flew by small plane to the remote town of Stebbins, home for 543 souls, to cover an immense Eskimo dance festival. 

Over 200 adults and children from a dozen other villages spent an active three days that were filled with cultural workshops and hours and hours of traditional Eskimo singing and dancing.

Andrew and Victoria recorded the music, which will see airplay over KNOM for many years into the future.


The 20-minute daily prayer was organized and recorded by the parishioners, deacons and visiting priest Fr. Tom Provinsal, SJ of Sacred Heart Church in the remote village of Emmonak (ee-MAHNG-ek).  The village is 125 miles south of Nome in the Yukon River Delta. 

KNOM inspiration director Lynette Schmidt assembled the programs, which occupied nearly two full weeks of work, giving thousands of village Alaskans the opportunity to join this special prayer.

Thank you for making this extraordinary program possible.

INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:    He who wants milk should not sit on a stool in the middle of a pasture waiting for a cow to back up.

INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:   Hard times are the grit that heaven uses to polish its jewels.





It’s official! 

Former KNOM volunteer Ross Tozzi’s ordination to the priesthood is now firmly scheduled for St. Joseph’s Church in Nome, 5 PM Saturday, July 14, 2001.

That day is also the feast day of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, as well as, to the very minute, KNOM’s 30th anniversary. 

We’re planning to kick off this multiple festivity with Mass for former volunteers and friends at 10 AM, Friday, July 13th, followed by a brunch. 

Ross will celebrate his first Mass on Sunday morning, and weather permitting, we hope for a party on Nome’s beach Sunday afternoon.

We are hoping that many of our friends will travel to Nome for the occasion.  We will be very, very happy to see you!

Already, the parish church, the volunteer house, and the homes of KNOM staff are filled to the brim, with hardly room on the floor for sleeping bags.

At this point, we are suggesting that visitors immediately arrange for a room at one of Nome’s hotels or bed and breakfast establishments.  If you need help or are looking for suggestions, please write general manager Tom Busch, or telephone him at 907-443-5221.

PLEASE REPEAT THAT?  Mountains block our signal from being heard easily in the Athabascan Indian village of Kaltag, 200 miles east of Nome. 

Pastor Fr. Joseph Hemmer, OFM has been working on an antenna that now picks us up reliably. 

In April, we will research the cost of what might be KNOM’s first repeater station, and will report back to you.

11,300:  That’s how many inspirational spots KNOM has broadcast so far this year.  And an equal number of educational ones, too!

WILLFULLY:     Please consider adding KNOM to your will. 

For most of us, a bequest is the greatest contribution we will ever give.

We accept all bequests with special prayer, and place them into either emergency savings, or into a capital improvement fund that will help guarantee KNOM’s continued success long into the future.


INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:     Each of us is tempted to do things we shouldn’t.  That’s life.
       We must remember that everything we do affects our future. 
       Even whether we have a future.

INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:  Many saints and martyrs give us fine examples of living life in an eternal way.
     There’s no more suffering, no more difficulty, in heaven’s eternal life.
     The saints show us that living for our life in heaven is the best way to live our life on earth.


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KNOM’s BOSS:  (left)  Fr. Richard Case, SJ dropped in on the mission in late March.

Father Dick was appointed administrator of the Diocese of Fairbanks following the death of Bishop Mike Kaniecki, SJ last August.

Well known to just about every listener in the Yukon Delta, he’s not been in Nome since 1985.  He and the KNOM staff enjoyed a friendly and relaxing visit.

Father Dick is responsible for directing the work of the diocese until a new bishop is appointed.

It’s a tough job, and we’re sure that he would greatly appreciate your prayers.

“WINDED”:  The last week of March, the Nome region was hit by unexpected brutal north winds.  Traveling by snowmobile to bush camps, about thirty-five people found themselves immersed in savage blizzard conditions, with winds estimated above 100 MPH in spots.

Twenty-two of them, including five with dog teams,  sought shelter in a tiny cabin 50 miles east of Nome, pinned down by the gale for two days.  Despite blue skies, pilots flying overhead reported that because of thick, swirling snow at ground level, they could see absolutely nothing at the surface.

Fortunately, a couple of the stranded travelers are amateur radio operators.  The hams were able to account for every known traveler except one.

Brave snowmobilers launched a search into the maelstrom for the missing man,  found him with a broken snowmobile, picked him up and struggled ten miles to the shelter cabin.

INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:   When we eat physical food, it becomes us.  When we eat spiritual food, we become it.

INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:  The vitamins you buy in the store list the percentage of minimum daily requirements of essential nutrients in each pill.
     Unlike vitamins, God offers much more than our minimum daily requirement of love.  And, you cannot overdose. God’s daily love makes you holy and healthy.


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KNOM general manager Tom Busch and volunteer Andrew McDonnell prepare to play an Eskimo song, recorded years ago, in hopes that one of our listeners will be able to identify it. 

Much of our Alaska Native music is not labeled.

They’ve aired one previously unidentified song a day, and so far, people tuned in to KNOM have been able to name every single one.

LIGHT TOPIC: The night of April 7th is Nome’s last night with a period of true darkness until early September!

25,000 WATTS NIGHT-TIME:  Alaska broadcast pioneer Augie Hiebert was spearheading this project before he suffered a stroke.  Augie’s mind and speech are clear, and he is regaining use of his legs, but he is unable to continue the undertaking.  Please add this wonderful gentleman to your prayers, won’t you?

In April, Tom Busch hopes to meet with our consulting engineer Jack Mullaney to work out a plan of action toward increasing our night power level.

30 YEARS AGO:  Mission organizers hoped to sign KNOM on the air in late April 1971. 

For two months, the technical crew had ironed out little problems as they surfaced, and everything appeared to be running smoothly.  Then, in early April, disaster struck.  The station’s remote control failed catastrophically and had to be returned to the manufacturer for reworking.

The unit was back in place in the first days of May…but that’s a story for next month.

OUR PLEDGE TO YOU:  With respect to our benefactors, we continue our 35-year promise that we will never provide your name and address to anyone.

Thank you again for your prayers and your contributions, both of which keep our mission alive and successful.  It is you who provides this great gift to village Alaska.

May Our Lord greatly bless you for your generosity.  May He guide you and keep you.

 INSPIRATIONAL SPOT:  Of all the things we do, God is most pleased when we repent.

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