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Father Armand
The Reverend Armand Nigro, the spiritual advisor for the KNOM Radio Mission.

KNOM’s religious heritage stretches back to its earliest days; our religious and spiritual programs are some of our longest-running and most popular.

As we describe in our mission statement, we’re proud of the Roman Catholic tradition that has guided us for over four decades, and to this day, we continue to air nightly readings of the Rosary and weekly broadcasts of the Catholic Mass. Many of our inspirational spots have specifically Christian or Catholic themes.

Christian music is also a regular part of our broadcast schedule: from contemporary Christian rock and pop (with 20: The Countdown Magazine) to music for spiritual and liturgical reflection (Music and the Spoken Word and Sing for Joy).

At the same time, we joyfully celebrate the wide diversity of belief. There are many different religious traditions and perspectives to be found in our Western Alaskan communities – and many more, still, to be explored in the world beyond Alaska. On Interfaith Voices, you’ll hear conversations, dialogue, and respectful debate from leaders, authors and experts in many different religious backgrounds. Our inspirational spots, as well, often explore the many different belief systems of our world.

No matter what your religious tradition may be, we hope that KNOM can be a welcoming place for you: whether to worship, to pray, or to ponder. We invite you to explore our religious and spiritual programming, below.

The Mass

Mass (Live from St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Nome)*

When Father Ross is in Nome, we broadcast the Catholic Mass live from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Join us for the celebration of the Mass!
*If no priest is in town, we still broadcast the Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest, led by Deacon Bob Froehle. If neither Father Ross nor Deacon Bob are available, you'll hear a prerecorded Mass service from the Passionist community at 10:30am. (See The Passionist Mass.)

The Passionist Mass

Sunday: 8am and 10:30am(10:30am airing is replaced with live Mass from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Nome, if available)

Sunday morning Catholic Mass, recorded by the Passionist community in Riverdale, New York.

Prayer Devotions

Rosary Devotional Hour

Every night: 9pm

An hour of devotional, reflective music, leading up to and following the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 9:16pm and the Family Rosary at 9:30pm.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet

Every night: 9:16pm

A Roman Catholic prayer devotion based on the visions of Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska. The chaplet's prayers are specifically focused on mercy; they're often (but not always) said using Rosary beads. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is the newest part of our daily 9pm devotional hour.

The Family Rosary

Every night: 9:30pm

The Rosary is one of the most beloved of Catholic prayers, and on KNOM, it’s one of our oldest traditions. Join us for the Rosary: 9:30 every night, with devotional and reflective music throughout the 9pm hour.


20: The Countdown Magazine

Hear the top 20 songs on the Christian rock charts! Jon Rivers counts down the greatest hits from bands like MercyMe, tobyMac, Jars of Clay, and lots more. Listen for the latest music news and interviews from today’s most popular Christian artists.
ArrowFind more information about 20: The Countdown Magazine on their website.

Music and the Spoken Word

Featuring the angelic voices of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Music and the Spoken Word provides weekly liturgical reflection and sacred music for Sunday morning.

Sing for Joy

Sacred music, liturgical reflection, and thoughtful commentary for the Christian week. Presented by St. Olaf College.
ArrowYou can find more information about Sing for Joy on their website.

UTR (Under the Radar*)

Some of the best undiscovered and under-appreciated music from Christian artists. Host Dave Trout shares stories, spiritual insights, and exclusive artist interviews to showcase the depth of faith and creativity found in today's Christian music. Brought to you by the Westar Media Group.
*Not to be confused with Todd Hindman's Tuesday-night independent music show, Under the Radar!

With Heart and Voice

Sacred choral music spanning a wide spectrum of Western classical music, from the Gothic period through the 21st century with occasional surprises from the non-Western tradition. The program, hosted by Peter DuBois, celebrates the seasons of the church year from a musical perspective, focusing on the richness and beauty of sacred music. With Heart and Voice began as a local Sunday morning program on WXXI-FM in 1975; it's been broadcast nationally since 1989.


Interfaith Voices

What issues and events are affecting religion in today’s world? What can different faith traditions learn from each other? How are they changing, and how are they responding to – and influencing – the world around them? Explore these questions and more with Interfaith Voices, "the nation’s leading religion news magazine on public radio."
ArrowYou can find out more about Interfaith Voices on their website:



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