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Just Another High School Play

Thursday, April 19, 2012
Story by Matthew Smith

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This weekend the Nome-Beltz Drama Club is putting on a play called “Just Another High School Play.” It’s a play about … putting on a high school play. A comedy designed to play off what audiences expect from a high school production, the six members of the Drama Club say the story is unique.

The drama club – Brian Edward McDougal, Mary Ruud, Elizabeth Herzner, Dawn Whede, Miranda Murphy, and James Jorgensen – have a lot of enthusiasm for their production this weekend. And Nicki Scherer, the director for the drama club, says doing a comedy this year has given her young group of actors a lot of practice.

Listen to the young actors, Nicki, and KNOM’s own Matty Guiffré – who co-directed the play – in this profile. The play is at the Nome Elementary Commons this Friday and Saturday at 7pm, with a 2pm showing on Sunday.

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