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Arctic Care

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Story by Matthew Smith

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Three hundred military personnel, and 70 thousand pounds of cargo and medical supplies, are making their way to 16 communities throughout our region this week. It’s called Operation Arctic Care, a military field exercise that provides free medical care to underserved populations in Alaska. This year they’re in the Bering Strait and Norton Sound, and in return for providing care, servicemen and women from several branches of the military will be learning to adapt their medical services for unfamiliar field conditions.

In the Profile, you'll hear from Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Sharolyn Lange, the task force med commander for Arctic Care in charge of the medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary teams involved. You'll also hear from Pattie Lillie, the assistant vice president for community health services at Norton Sound Health Corporation, who's leading the hospital’s efforts for Arctic Care in Nome.

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